The Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq visits Imam Ali Holy Shrine

The Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq, Salem Al-Zamanan, visited the Holy Shrine of the Commander of the Faithful, peace be upon him, expressing his happiness with the historic visit.

Al-Zamanan said, “During the visit to the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, I felt happiness fill my heart, and it is not possible for me to visit the holy city of Najaf without visiting the Holy Shrine. It is a blessing from the Almighty’s blessings and I wish the people of Najaf and all Iraqis safety, security and prosperity.”

The Kuwaiti Ambassador added, “We value the services provided by the officials of the Imam Ali Holy Shrine and other holy shrines to the honorable pilgrims in general, as they are making great efforts to perform their work to the fullest despite the large numbers, especially during the massive pilgrimages.”