Al-Abbas Holy Shrine Quranic Institute in Najaf hosts a Turkish delegation

A Turkish delegation visited the Holy Quran Institute in Najaf Al-Ashraf, affiliated with the al-Abbas Holy Shrine.
The delegation, consisting of twenty-four people from various Turkish regions, listened to a detailed explanation of ongoing projects, activities, and programmes.
The delegation toured the institute's units and attentively listened to the students who had committed the Holy Quran and Nahju al-Balagha book (written by Imam Ali, son of Abi Talib PBUH) to memory while expressing their admiration for what they witnessed.
The delegation stated, "The Institute at the al-Abbas Shrine (PBUH) deserves all appreciation, and we should try to transfer it to our country and other countries."
Mr. Dogan Cemnli, the head of the delegation, affirmed, "The experience of the Institute in Najaf, affiliated with the Scientific Complex at the al-Abbas Shrine, is distinctive and pioneering."
He concluded, "The psychological and educational aspects take up an important part of the staff's efforts in order to prepare solid generations religiously, morally, and spiritually."
Emad Baao