The i: Muharram is a time of remembrance and reflection

British journalist Joanna Whitehead wrote a report in ‘The i’ newspaper about the advent of the month of Muharram and its impact on Muslims around the world.

The report stated, “Muharram is one of the most significant festivals in the Muslim calendar. Expected to begin on 20 August, this annual observance marks the beginning of the Islamic New Year and is a time of remembrance and reflection.”

“Shia Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who was killed alongside his family in 680 AD, after refusing to pledge allegiance to the Umayyad ruler, Yazid,” added the report.

Whitehead also mentions in her report historical figures who have cited Imam Hussein’s stand, such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, as an example in their own fights against persecution and harassment.