Record Number of Muslim MPs in British Parliament

In spite of rising Islamophobia, a record number of Muslims were elected to the House of Commons in the UK’s recent election, according to Shafaqna.

A record number of Muslim MPs have been elected this general election with four additions from two years ago, making the total number to be 19.

In the 2017 general elections, 15 Muslim MPs were voted in – 12 from the Labour Party and three from the Conservatives.

However, Muslims in the UK are far from a monolithic voter block, their 3.4 million population is considered electorally significant.

Out of the 220 women elected to parliament, 10 were Muslims.

During the campaign, the Labour Party fielded 33 Muslim candidates, while the ruling Conservative Party put forward 22.

Unfortunately, despite making up the numbers in the House of Commons, many Muslims are pessimistic about their future in the country after Boris Johnson’s Conservatives won a landslide.

Johnson had previously made anti-Muslim comments.