Childhood Assassination

Hanan al-Zeerjawi


Horrific incidents on the face of humanity, heinous crimes against childhood and innocence, barbaric acts and monstrous methods that cannot be described and which are difficult for the mind to perceive and believe…

The perpetrators of these crimes are fathers and mothers who have deviated from that divine instinct that God had placed in their hearts to turn into aggression and criminality, hiding all traces of love and tenderness.

Tears falling down and arrogant cries did not curb the madness of the mother who mercilessly threw her young children into the Tigris River from a bridge in Baghdad last week. This indicates that this woman has lost that divine instinct that God had placed in her heart, which made her become a ruthless and merciless murderer.

These heinous crimes that were repeated during this period raise many question marks about the motives and causes that prompted the parent to such criminal acts.

We do not forgive the mother for this heinous act, but such acts have many causes that need to be studied, some of which are the following:

1- Eating haram (unlawful) food. Islamic researchers have concluded that consuming haram food affects the human morals and peace of mind.

2- The parent’s lack of responsibility, neglect of parenting and indifference to the behavior of boys and girls from their childhood and into their adolescence will produce such criminal individuals.

3- If the environment in which the children live is an immoral swamp, it will create fathers and mothers who are not qualified for that responsibility.

4- Psychological and mental causes that need to be treated immediately.

We may not be able to treat the bleeding wound of humanity if mercy leaves our hearts, and the cruelty heralds fierce winds that will not leave a single implication of pureness and innocence in our human record.

The reasons may be multiplied and forgiven for committing the crime against strangers, but when it comes to family or relatives, this cannot be tolerated no matter how many reasons, nor is it forgiven.

These criminals have committed a crime against God’s greatest creation, in which he placed the trait of mercy; however, it is this trait that has become so narrow for these people that it was not reflected even on their own innocent children.