Farhatu Yateem: Special program for orphans

The Department of Development and Social Rehabilitation for Youth - Division of Social Development organized a program entitled (Farhatu Yateem) The happiness of an Orphan, coinciding with the blessed Eid Al-Fitr at Sayyed al-Awsiyaa City affiliated with the Holy Shrine, under the Shrine's general Secretariat patronage and the guidance of His Eminence, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai.

The official of the Social Development Division, Karrar Hammoudi, said to the IMC, "The program has several parts, including an Iftar meal for all orphans, a religious lecture given by His Eminence Sheikh Abbas Al-Zweini, a religious Anasheed for AhluAlbayet, in addition to story-tells, the program concluded with distributing Eid clothing for orphans.

Hammoudi noted, "The program took place in cooperation with the orphan institutions in Karbala, as their number reached over 175 orphans."

He declared, "The program made it plain that all we need is to share happiness and joyous in the orphans' hearts to bring even a slight decrease in their plight and reduce their circumstances' pressure."
Emad Ba'ou