Imam Hussain Holy Shrine holds the first academic Quranic forum for Iraqi universities

The Quran House of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine held the first Quranic forum for the Iraqi universities at the Holy Shrine, with the aim of creating the Quranic youth missionary, in cooperation with academic universities in their various specializations.

The assistant head of the Quran House, Sayyed Mortada Jamal Al-Din, said in a statement to the International Media Center, "Professors of Iraqi universities were invited to participate in this forum, and discussions were held with professors of various fields of the academic community, as the Imam Hussain Holy Shrine has been holding such important events related to the Holy Book of the Almighty.”

Jamal Al-Din added, "The forum lasts for two days and includes research sessions by professors with a high scientific level from most Iraqi universities, as we seek to establish promising Quranic projects in different universities across our beloved Iraq."


Abbas Najim

Photography by: Hassan Qassem