Imam Hussain Holy Shrine honors winner of the ‘Reading Challenge’ competition

Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalaey honored the outstanding student in the ‘Reading Challenge’ competition, winning first place at the national event and qualifying for the international competition in the UAE.

Sheikh al-Karbalaey stated during his speech at the ceremony of the Warith Educational Group of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, “We are proud of this achievement and I extend my thanks, pride and appreciation to the family of the child Zainab Hassan for their great efforts that guided her to this success, as reading is of great importance and benefits, the most important of which are scientific and cognitive enrichment and provides an opportunity to see the experiences and achievements of the human mind, and the development of its cultural and social behavior. It is necessary to work on providing a role model for others through the keenness of the professor, father or mother to read inside and outside the home.”

Sheikh al-Karbalaey added, “I suggest that the Holy Karbala Education Directorate holds a similar competition for reading at all schools and universities of Iraq and to establish a specialized committee to choose scientific and various books, with the need to carefully select the books that are presented for the competition, in a way that suits all the cultures of the Iraqi people to ensure the participation of all Iraqis, and we, in turn, will be one of the main supporters of this competition.”


Abbas Najm