Holy grille of Lady Zainab Holy Shrine completed in Karbala; efforts praised by the governor

The technical staffs at the al-Abbas Holy Shrine have completed the holy grille of Lady Zainab Holy Shrine.

The governor's media office said in a statement, "The Governor of Karbala, Nuseiyeff al-Khattabi visited the honorable holy grille manufacturing factory of al-Abbas Holy Shrine, accompanied by a number of directors of the governorate's departments. During the tour, the holy grille of Lady Zainab, peace be upon her, was examined."

Al-Khattabi praised the efforts of the technical staffs of the Holy Shrine, pointing out that this grille is the second to be completed in this factory after the holy grille of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine.

He added that this achievement is one of the great achievements of the Holy Shrine, in addition to its great achievements in various fields.

Close sources confirmed that the work on the grille has been completed, and it will soon be transported to Syria and erected in the Holy Shrine of Lady Zainab, peace be upon her, in Damascus.