International Exhibition of the Holy Quran in Bein al-Haramein, Karbala

Bein al-Haramein witnessed the inauguration of the International Exhibition of the Holy Quran, with the participation of a selection of Quranic institutions and specialized centers from inside and outside the country, in addition to more than 30 Quran houses, as part of the activities to celebrate the World Quran Day.

Muntadhar Al-Mansoori of the International Quranic Preaching Center at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine said in a statement to the International Media Center, “The most prominent participants in the exhibition are the holy shrines, including Imam Ali, Al-Kadhumiya and the Grand Mosque of Kufa, in addition to specialized centers, including the Iran-based Ansarian House, al-Ma’refa House from Syria, and a special participation from Yemen that showcased a Quran attributed to Imam Ali, peace be upon him.

Amir al-Mousawi