Ayatollah Sistani Condemns “The Deal of the Century”

The Supreme Religious Authority emphasized once more on non-use of violence against Iraqi peaceful protesters and severely condemned US’s plan against Palestine, calling for supporting Palestinians in the way to achieve their rights and establish their independent state.

 High Religious Authority’s representative Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalaei read the full text of the statement Ayatollah Sistani’s office that includes the following:

- The Religious Authority once again condemns the use of violence against peaceful demonstrators and the assassination and abduction operations of some of them, and expresses its strong opposition to the efforts to disperse peaceful gatherings and protests by using force and violence. At the same time, he rejects some of the attacks on security forces and government services and the subversive and threatening acts against some educational and service institutions and anything that disturbs the security of citizens and damages their interests.

- At the same time, the continuation of the current political, economic and security crisis is not in the interest of the country or its future. Thus, preparations must be made so that the crisis can be resolved. This includes the creation of a new government, which should be trusted by the people, and should be able to calm the situation, and restore the respect of the government. As well, The new government must prepare to hold free and fair elections as soon as possible.

- Finally, High Religious Authority vehemently condemns the unjust plan, which was recently revealed to give the occupation [Israel] legitimacy over its usurpation of Palestinian lands and strongly emphasizes on his supportive stance in support of the oppressed Palestinian people on upholding their rights and reclaiming the occupied lands and forming an independent state, and invites Arabs, Muslims and all the world’s liberated people to support it.