Seventh construction of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine

Sultan Mu’izz Addeen Owes ibn Holaco Khan, ruled Iraq after his brother Sultan Hussain al-Sagheer, who built the
shrine with a semi-circular shaped dome surrounded by porticos like the present shape.
Work was started by Ahmed ibn Owes, his son, in 767 A.H. and lasted for 19 years. In 1216 A.H. / 1801 A.D, Karbala
witnessed a massive destruction at the hands of Wahhabis, massacring countless civilians and burning every valuable
book in the library of Imam Hussain.The structure was kept the same for a long period of time, with renovations from
time to time especially after the destruction which Karbala suffered from in 1412 A.H. / 1991 A.D. during al-Intifada al-Shaabaniyah (The Shaaban Uprising).
Random shelling by mortars tanks and helicopters of the republican guards led by Hussain Kamil, son–in–law of Saddam Hussain, the deposed Iraqi dictator. This resulted in a deep puncture in al-Abbas dome and the destruction of some parts of the walls of the two shrines, in addition to killing thousands of innocent people of Karbala.