German writer: Islam is a universal religion and its message seeks the survival of mankind

The German writer, Professor Udo Touroschka, affirmed that Islam is a universal religion and that its followers wish to spread the message of the Islamic religion that seeks the survival of people in all parts of the world.

Touroschka, along with his wife Monica, have written several articles on Islam and the Holy Quran.

“My admiration for the Islamic religion goes back to my first meeting with Professor Eid al-Jawad Falatoori in the German city of Cologne, where I asked him to cooperate and help in the completion of two research projects on the Islamic religion,” said Touroschka.

The writer added that he had worked for 15 years with Falatoori to complete the study of "Islam in German Textbooks" and "Islam in Textbooks in Europe", and since then he has become interested in studying Islam and the Quran.

On the view of German politicians towards Islam and its followers, Monica said that she was deeply upset and angry at the speeches of German politicians towards Muslims before writing the book (Islam: Friend or Foe) in 2019.

She added that those opponents of the Islamic religion and Muslims are working on defining the Islamic religion as a "political ideology" or "fascist ideology" and this is evident that they have no knowledge of Islam.